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Product Design -- Coffee Counter

A product design based on the Syntactic Analysis, Ergonomics Analysis, Semantic Analysis of the assigned IKEA clock. 


Feb 2018


Product Designer


Individual Project

AutoDesk Fusion 360

Problem Identified

Living in a fast-paced society, many working people or students are drinking a lot of coffee to keep energetic. However, too much coffee consumption would be harmful to health. Therefore, I  want to design something that can be simply put on the desk and count down from the limit of cups you are allowed to drink in a day or week.

User Persona

Macro is a Sales Rep at Google. His job is stressful and he has developed a bad habit of drinking too much coffee. He is trying to cut back because he can’t sleep at night. This winter he is up to 4-5 cups a day. Macro loves coffee and doesn’t want to quit, he just wants to scale back from almost 30 cups a week to a limit of 15 cups per week. Macro is looking for a way to easily track his coffee consumption by counting the number of cups he drinks each week.


I came up with designing a electronic coffee mug pad which can count down automatically from the limit you set.

First Version Sketch

Second Version Sketch



The pad counter has pressure sensor and the count down is triggered when there is a pressure change from "empty cup" to "more than half cup". 

The pad counter can also keep the coffee warm when the mug is put on the pad. With wireless charging technology, when there is contact between the mug and the pad, heat effect is triggered through electric current. 

User Journey

First, user can turn on the toggle heat button to enable heat function. Then user scroll the  wheel to set the target value which in this case is the limit of cups user is allowed to drink in a period of time. As user scrolls the wheel, the number on top changes. 

Then you can start to drink your coffee. 

When heat function is turned on, every time you put the mug back to the pad, there is a slight buzz to indicate that the mug and the pad is in contact and heating starts. Also, the circle light will fade in and out for 2 times. 

As you drink more and more cups and approach 0, the color of the circle and number will change in a spectrum from blue to red. 

When user is drinking the last cup of coffee or exceed the limit, every time the user puts the mug on the pad, there is a stronger buzz as a reminder. 

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