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Gesture Controlled Interface 

A gesture controlled interface for stereoscopic image presentation implemented with Kinect and Processing.


This is an individual final year project at Nanyang Technological University. Working closely with photographer and professor Elke E. Reinhuber, I identified the problem for current method of stereoscopic image presentation, brainstormed possible solutions, conducted thorough research, and programmed a gesture controlled interface that demonstrates the concept.


Stereoscopic photography takes up a large percentage of photography art. An increasing number of stereoscopic photographers are using a series of works to portray a story. However, the traditional way for photography presentation, such as print it into album, or exhibit the hard copy on the wall, have various limitations.


Quality Loss

The traditional way of viewing the hard copy of the art work is not preferable for stereoscopic images due to the serious quality loss when converted into hard copy


Multiple Storylines

The traditional way is very confusing when it comes to multiple storylines. Also, allowing audience to follow only one storyline is closer to how we experience life


After thorough research, Prof Elke and I decided to explore the possibility of gesture control devices to interact with the images while presented them its original digital form. We agreed to use Kinect to detect gestures, projector to present, and 3d glasses to view.


Technical Implementation via Kinect and Processing

There are totally 7 gesture recognition programmed for different interactions.

Raise Hand.jpg
Open Arms.jpg
Close Hands.jpg


Gesture Controlled Interface

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