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A mobile app and plugin to support bill split and money transfer within social media or messaging apps. This was a product designed for 2016 MasterCard Business Challenge in Singapore. 


This is a group project in a time frame of 4 weeks with Deborah Koh, Yit Khai,David Mok Kai Xiang, Akil Murthi and I take the role of UI/UX designer.


In 2016 in Singapore, bank transfer is the only method to transfer money where cross-bank transfer restrictions and monthly transfer limits make it very troublesome.


Based on our thorough research on money transfer through bank apps, messaging app such as WeChat, and standalone app such as Venmo, we created PeerPay. It includes a mobile app where users can manage their bank accounts and plugins which users can install to SNS/messaging app to enable money transfer. 

Key Features

  • Manage bank accounts and the authorizations to transfer on SNS/messaging apps

  • Set daily limit for money transfer

  • Transfer/ Request money on SNS or messaging apps 



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